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A BubblyNet solution

Contact Sensor

The S-MP-003-D000 Contact Sensor is a magnetic sensor that monitors the status activities of doors, windows and other areas via Bluetooth Mesh.

Technical description

The S-MP-003-D000 Contact Sensor is ideal for use in applications where status of doors, windows and even cabinets and draw activity is desired such as in hospitality and corporate interiors. Security and Energy Efficiency are just the beginning of the many uses of this beneficial, and descrete, wireless device. Publish status to the Bluetooth Mesh infrastructure to trigger alerts, scenes, schedules and other Bluetooth Mesh actions.

Operating Temperature 32° to 104° (0 to 40°C)
Dimensions 2.6” x 1.6” x .6” (65mm x 40mm x 15mm)
Magnetic Contact Monitors Door & Window Status Activities
3V Battery Operated
Color White

The S-MP-003-D000 Contact Sensor communicates wirelessly with other device supporting Bluetooth Mesh and does not require external power or communication wiring. With the pre-installed 3V coin battery, expect a 3+/- year battery life based on normal daily usage. The sensor can be installed with adhesive pads, mounting screws, drywall anchors and spacers for different door and window configurations.