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Smart Lighting

The ultimate simplicity.


BubblyNet is a multilayered architecture; lower layers are the foundation of higher layers; higher levels deliver value by leveraging the data of the lower levels.

For instance, direct control of lighting through a wall dimmer are within a lower layer; the analysis of historic patterns in order to predict and select by time and date the most appropriate lighting, is achieved by the higher layers of automation and artificial intelligence.

The Lighting layer constitute the backbone of the system and all other layers stack on the top of it.

The Lighting layer is the ultimate in simplicity. There is no easier deployed solution. A fully operating lighting system can be achieved by the sole use of BubblyNet drivers; no dimmers, no gateways, no control panels are required. All the “Intelligence” is in the microchip in each BubblyNet driver.

The system is inherently reliable because of the minimal infrastructure (less components could go wrong).The system demonstrated to be also extremely affordable because of its low complexity and because it is wireless, low power, simple to install, commission and maintain.


The installation of the system is simpler than the traditional “2 wires” installation. No data or 0-10V wires need to be pulled and connected as the control of the fixtures is wireless. Fixtures require only to be connected to power from the breaker panel. There is no need for defining circuits, no need to home run every circuit to its own switch or dimmer, no need to 3-way wire multiple switches for the same circuit.


The commissioning is extremely easy and done through the Commissioning App, available for both Apple and Android devices.


This lighting system doesn’t require internet connection or Wi-Fi to operate. Providing power is up, lighting will work. Addition of light fixtures, devices, dimmers, reconfiguration of circuits and assignment to new switches and dimmers is all easily done through the Commissioning App.

Smart Lighting

In addition to luminaires control, many other lighting components can be easily added to the system: occupancy sensor, daylight sensor, wall dimmers, touch panels and more, all Bluetooth controlled and either wireless, battery-less or low voltage or line voltage powered. Please refer to the Products section for a full list of devices available.