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A BubblyNet solution

ON / OFF Line-Powered Controller

The BubblyNet ON / OFF Power Line Controller can switch up to 10A / 1000W loads and can be connected to power outlets or power circuits inside a junction box. This switch will add all the ON / OFF functionalities of the Bluetooth mesh infrastructure, bringing timers, sensors, scenes into traditional power outlets and power circuits. 
The use of the Line Power Controller is very simple: plug and play. It has two cables for universal AC input and 2 cables for AC output to the power outlet / power circuit. As soon as the switch is powered on it will start broadcasting the non-provisioned advertising messages that will tell the provisioning app that a new device is ready to join. The provisioning app will then connect to the new switch, configure security keys, addresses and other data so the new switch can join the mesh network. After the new switch joins the mesh network the driver is ready to be configured (publishing / subscribing data.)