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A BubblyNet solution

Phase Controller 120V

The Phase Controller is a wireless device that controls via Bluetooth Mesh any line voltage load connected to it. It is a great solution to control decorative luminaries such as pendants and sconces.

Technical description

The D-P00-12-00-12-DL00 Phase Controller is the ideal solution for standalone projects as well as the backbone of complex Mesh Networks. The D-F Phase dims on VAC. Once powered up, the device broadcasts its identification code waiting to be provisioned through the Bubblynet App. It allows to control a wide variety of loads.

AC Input Voltage 120V
Maximum Load 600W
Operating Temperature -4° to 149°F (-20°C to 65°C)
Power Measurements 0.03 to 10Amps. 2% accuracy
Dimensions 4.015” x 1.614” x 0.945” (102 x 41 x 24 mm)

The installation of the D-P00-12-00-12-DL00 Phase Controller is very simple. The two wires for VAC input are connected to the mains and the two wires for the VAC output are connected to the luminaire to be controlled. As soon as the device is powered up it will start broadcasting the non-provisioned advertising messages that will tell the provisioning app that a new device is ready to join. The provisioning app will connect to the new device, configure security keys, addresses and other data so the new bridge can join the Mesh Network. After the new device joins the Mesh Network it is ready to be configured (publishing / subscribing data.)