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A BubblyNet solution

Q Series Keypad Switch

The Q Series are wireless keypads with one to four buttons per standard US single gang. Each button can be used as an ON/OFF switch, can dim up and down a single light or group of luminaries and control a wide variety of electric loads. The small LED indicator can be used to highlight a certain active status or, if the keypad is connected to the mains, can be used for night identification. Keypads are customizable to your specifications.

Technical description

The K-Q Series is ideal for use in applications where dimming control is desired such as in hospitality and corporate interiors. Its wireless technology allows for installations that would be extremely difficult or impossible, such as historical significant buildings, glass walls, furniture and thin partitions. The programmable buttons give designers the option of reducing wall clutter by facilitating scene setting without the need for individual dimming switches for each load. It is a great solution for Tunable White installations where the first two buttons would dim the light intensity and the second two buttons would tune the light warmer or cooler.

Bluetooth Mesh App Compatible
Keypad Colors White, Black, Brown
Face Plate Colors 7 Colors Available
1, 2, 3, or 4 Button Options
Recessed Mounted With Power Supply in J-Box
Surface Mounted With CR2032 Battery Anywhere
Customizable Standard or Custom Engraving

The K-Q Series communicates wirelessly with other devices supporting Bluetooth Mesh. Each button can be programmed to be ON/OFF, Up/Down, and Scene 1/Scene 2. Three and four-way switching is easily accomplished and does not require any particular programming or additional wiring. The versatile K-Q Series can be a battery-powered wireless control that does not require external power or communication wiring. The switch can be installed surface mounted, screwed, glued or double-side taped to any surface including glass walls and partitions or installed as a common switch screwed to a standard J-box with the addition of a small power supply adapter. The K-Q Series needs to be installed within 30 feet from the closest device within the Bluetooth Mesh Network.