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About us


BubblyNet is a young and dynamic tech company with a predilection for taking on the status quo and supported by a multinational corporation. The company’s extraordinary pool of talent comes from four continents and includes a wide range of competencies.

BubblyNet ventured into the Lighting and Smart Building space after experiencing firsthand the difficulties and complexities of proprietary and enclosed control systems that up to 2017 were the norm.

The BubblyNet wireless platform is a multilayered architecture that can evolve with the Building Manager's needs. It is not a typical consumers’ product. It is an industrial-grade solution that is scalable, reliable and secure.

Bluetooth Mesh

The Bluetooth Mesh standard leverages the experience of over 10 billion Bluetooth devices installed worldwide and pushes it forward with a MESH architecture. Each device is in communication with every other device, and doesn’t require a “central hub” that is the typical bottleneck for scalability and a single point of failure. Bluetooth Mesh has 4X longer range, 2X higher speed and 8X Advertising data capabilities compared to previous versions. It allows for hundreds of multicasting messages per second, each multicasting message controlling many devices. A single network can be scaled to up to 32,767 nodes. No gateways or routers are necessary.


As of 2018, most of the Bluetooth adopters developed their own proprietary Mesh on the top of Bluetooth, making it a close trademarked network.

In March 2018, at Light + Built, Frankfurt, BubblyNet presented as a world premiere, a Bluetooth Mesh solution, completely open to integration with any other device and brand Bluetooth Mesh Qualified.

Bluetooth Mesh is the first wireless lighting standard that guarantees interoperability between devices complying with the standard. (For a full list of Bluetooth Mesh Qualified products go to https://www.bluetooth.com/bluetooth-technology/topology-options/le-mesh/mesh-qualified/)


The BubblyNet platform has a reliability that approximates, and in several cases even exceeds, the reliability of wired systems. It is a distributed architecture. This means that the “intelligence” of the system is distributed across devices and there is no single point of failure. It is a network that is inherently resilient (self-healing). Bluetooth is the mature and trusted technology that has become in the last 20 years THE standard for wireless communication.

Bluetooth Mesh can automatically update Over the Air. The devices and the network will keep improving over time as more and more functionalities are implemented.


Bluetooth is the wireless standard for critical applications such as aerospace, automotive and manufacturing. The security protocols are mandatory and cannot be reduced, they include encryption and authentication. They keep security for network and each application separate. The system is protected from known attacks like brute-force, replay, man-in-the-middle, trashcan, visitor, and others. Nodes are provisioned using 256-bit elliptic curves and OOB authentication. Messages are secured using AES-CCM using 128-bit keys. There is Encryption and authentication at network and application layers. Devices can be blacklisted.